Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Worldcon interview, Conjecture and Uncle Remus

Karina Fabian uploaded the interview she did with me at Worldcon last week. Is my nose really that big?

I went to Conjecture last weekend. Conjecture is a very intimate little con. It's friendly and well organized. As someone who had back to back panels, a little time between them would have been nice. They pretty much go to the top of the hour and the next one starts about five minutes late. Not such a big deal, though when all the panels are on one small floor. In fact, I kept saying, "Down in the dealers room," because it usually is in a lower floor. But the dealers room and art show are also on that small floor. And the con suite. There's no green room.

The panels were loads of fun, though, with lots of interesting people and everyone playing nice.

I wish I had gone to the iron hack panel. Sounded like a hoot. I sat on a similar panel at SpoCon 2008. I still think Mark Ferrari and I can make that story into something worthwhile.

I actually had an audience for my reading, which is always a plus. I read a new story that has only just received one rejection (as soon as I got home) and "Troll Games", which is always so much fun to read. I've pretty much got the troll voice down.

One of the absolute highlights was finding a Song of the South DVD in the dealers room. I've been wanting it for ages. It's not available in stores in the States. Now Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah is stuck in my head. And I haven't even had time to watch it yet.

Another regret regarding the con was its location in the butt end of town. I could have been anywhere for all of San Diego I experienced. The only thing it was close to was a mall. I'm sure I've mentioned before how much I hate shopping.

I did get to see most of Eytan Kollin's grossly abbreviated medieval weapons demonstration. It's usually opposite a panel I'm on.

Next con for me is OryCon in Portland, OR. Meantime, I'll be emceeing and reading at a Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading in Santa Rosa, CA at the Sonoma County Book Festival on September 24th. It's a great event, not to be missed if you're in the county or an adjacent one. They block off a section of downtown for the one-day event.

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