Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally Friday, but good things comin'

Finally Friday. It's been a crazy week and I took the whole week off from writing (aside from the day job as a trade journal staff writer). The weekend will be devoted to a rewrite of a flash piece requested by an ezine and finishing another SF story I've been working on. In between I'll be dealing with online forms, Quicken and other assorted tasks I'll have to do on the Mac in the hot office upstairs unless I can figure out how to get my Apple Airport working again after replacing the modem.

Saw Ingrid Michaelson perform at Latitude last Friday. What a talent! And excellent stage presence! She's really funny. And she plays the ukulele. Is that great or what?

So, have I had my head in the sand? Did everybody know about this but me? Well, maybe left coast folks are just now finding it? I found it on LinkedIn. Oh, I suppose you want to know what "it" is. Isn't it annoying how I do that? I like suspense. There's a SF TV talk show that airs in DC but is available online. It's called Fast Forward: Comtemporary Science Fiction.

I have some more great interviews coming up. I just added Jasper Fforde to the line up. :) And Michael Hanlon, science editor for the Daily Mail and author of Eternity: Our Next Billion Years.

And I have some ladies coming up: Juliette Wade, Jennifer Brozek and Cat Rambo.

Because I "see" my novels...because I vomit dialog...because I dream like I'm in a movie...because I've been meaning to write some screenplays...I'm soooo considering going to the Northern California Screenwriter's Expo and Pitchfest. I have a time share next door to the venue in Napa. Very, very tempting. See my smiling profile face to the right? That was on vacation there. See how happy I'd be? I just found out about it this week, from a social networking site, I think. Like I keep saying - social networking pays off.

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Sharon E. Dreyer said...

TGIF! Thanks for sharing your feelings and plans. Sounds good to me. Check out my first and recently released novel, Long Journey to Rneadal. This exciting story is a romantic action adventure in space.