Friday, December 4, 2009

Awesome Lavratt and current projects

I have a couple of new reviews of Awesome Lavratt. They're both on Library Thing. I love it when people take Awesome Lavratt for what it is rather than expecting it to be deep or serious. It's just plain fun. It was certainly fun writing it. The second review is repeated on Goodreads. In answer to a comment there, the reviewer adds that Awesome Lavratt is quirky. I consider that a victory. It takes talent to pull off quirky. Right?

I've talked about a sequel, but I think, at this point more stories in that universe will happen before that. I love writing short stories. Of course, there's the instant gratification thing. Well, not exactly instant. But compared to the two and three years it can take for a book to come out, it is.

Meantime, I have three stories I'm working on. One is finished. I'm just cutting it down from 5100 words to 4000 for a venue that has that word limit. I think it will be stronger for it. All that flash fiction writing comes in handy when I have to cut a story by more than 20 percent.

Another is in rewrites and the last one is half done. I'm also determined to pull out a new sci-fi flash piece before Christmas.

My company had its Christmas lunch today complete with gift exchange with the whole steal a gift game. I scored a beautiful set of wine glasses. Time to get rid of the unmatched ones.

I did my first ever IM interview at work today. The company President I was to interview was in Mexico for a convention and his cell phone was in the bag that the airline lost. It was great. Especially the fact that I didn't have to transcribe the interview. More especially since the sound card on my work computer wigged out this week.

Pretty interesting topic, actually. Twitter folks have probably heard about Square, the founder's new company that launched this week. It's a new way to accept mobile payments. The article is up now and will be updated once Square gets back to us.

Next up for interviews for SFOO are Cat Rambo, Jay Lake and Kage Baker.

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