Saturday, November 7, 2009

New ventures

I'm still digging out from WFC and had an eventful week. I did receive two rejections for stories this week. Ah well. It's all a process. I just have to kick them back out there. I've also rejoined a critique group and met with my new business partner in yet another endeavor. I'll be team teaching workshops on developing an online presence with Jennifer March of JMA Services.

My review of The Owl in Daylight by Philip K Dick's widow, Tessa B. Dick, got posted last month while I wasn't looking. My editor forgot to send me a heads-up. Here it is at Mostly Fiction.

And I received a royalty check for Awesome Lavratt.

Here's a list of humorous sf/f from Jim C. Hines. Hey, if you want to suggest a certain funny sf novel... :)

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