Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SF TV - Attack of the remakes

Well, if you're East of the Rockies, you can already tell me how the remake of the series "V" is. If not, check it out with me. ABC 8PM PT.

I received this article link from Christopher Farley, editor of the culture blog for the Wall Street Journal.

Firefly fans will want to take note. Morena Baccarin was Anara on Firefly and the movie Serenity. She was also a nemesis on Stargate SG1.

I also just heard that The Prisoner is getting redone in a miniseries. It's on AMC and begins Nov. 15 starring Jim Caviezel as number 6 and Lennie James (Jericho) as number 147, the content villager who drives a taxi and has a family. It's supposed to have a more satisfying conclusion than the original.

Here's the complete list of the World Fantasy Award winners.

That's it for tonight. I have books to read, shows to watch and interviews to write questions for.

Here are some of the interviewees I've lined up for your reading pleasure:

  • Jeff VanderMeer (2009 WFC award nominee)
  • Ann VanderMeer (2009 WFC award nominee)
  • Kage Baker (2009 WFC award nominee)
  • Tim Powers
  • Jay Lake
  • Ellen Datlow (2009 WFC award nominee)
  • Kij Johnson (2009 WFC award winner)
  • Louise Marley
  • Nisi Shawl (2009 WFC award nominee)
  • M.H. Bonham
  • Madeleine Robins
  • G. David Nordley & C. Sanford Lowe

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Datlow said...

Afraid I'm not a WFA winner, but I was a nominee.

Ann Wilkes said...

My bad. But you were nominated twice over! Kudos for that. I guess I'm color blind. The Locus site designated the winners by putting them in red. :(

Term Papers said...

I'm actually glad to see all this stuff, to see that this world offers creativity and ideas other than what my lonesome small town provides...thanks for sharing..!

Maurice Mitchell said...

It is kind of sad to see all the remakes being made. V is different in that it actually manages to improve on the original, while still retaining it's spirit. Morena Baccarin is absolutely stunning. The Prisoner was just kind of lame without the 70's drug high.