Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Writer resource time

Okay, so he's not playing chess. Know why he's on the TV? Why he's covering his mouth?

It's been a while since I've done a writer's resources post. Perhaps you'll find something helpful herein.

Here's a blog post from literary agent, Rachelle Gardner on How Book Royalties Work.

I may have given this one before, but this is chock full of helpful tips: Writer's Advice.

And a write-up on Jeff Vandermeer's, Booklife: Strategies and Survival Tips for the 21st Century Writer - A different kind of guide for writers at Swivet.

I found this blog and added it to my feeds. You might want to as well. The author is former Editor-in-Chief of Writers Digest Magazine, Maria Schneider. Her blog is Editor Unleashed. This post offers a no-fee writing contest.

I have another double interview lined up for Friday. Come back to hear about G. David Nordley and C. Sanford Lowe, aka Gerald and Candy. If you read Asimov's Science Fiction, you're familiar with their fiction.

I'll be boppin' some stories back out the door this weekend and doing LOTS of reading. Many books to review. If I'm lucky, I'll get around to rewriting a story that still hasn't entered the fray.

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Ed Beecher said...

He seems to be covering both his mouth and his eyes. The answer is obvious. He was short one monkey.

Or was there something going on in front of him that caused the afor mentioned covering? Was the dog being bad again, or was it alien invasion, again? (:

Ann Wilkes said...

He's meant to be covering just his mouth. Hard to tell from that angle. Did not involve dog or aliens...