Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BayCon, writing and new SF mags

Ack! Larry Dixon and Mercedes Lackey are sick. They were to be the guests of honor for BayCon. The staff are still scrambling and trying to have them attend "virtually" etc. Of course I wish them a speedy recovery.

I had hoped to post my schedule today, but it is a bit fluid at the moment. They scheduled me to moderate a panel on vampire lit. Guess how much vampire lit I've read? So, it's still in flux. I wonder if the denizens of the Cloud City of Pyrocumulon (this year's theme) dance like Greeks? I could so teach Greek folk dancing. ;)

I finally finished that story with the whale-like creatures with humans living on them. Just a few tweaks and it's off to a magazine for consideration. I'm really enjoying reading The Temporal Void by Peter F. Hamilton. It starts with a bang and doesn't let up (so far). Review forthcoming.

Two magazines have contacted me. Though I haven't had time to look them over, perhaps my readers can help. They are iPulpFiction.com and M-brane SF, blog-based SF mags (M-Brane available in pdf).

Stay tuned for up and coming SF author Gareth Powell.

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