Saturday, May 16, 2009

UP, UP and a (gorgeous) way!

OK, so here's my excuse for posting my Zeppelin trip on my SF blog. The movie UP is fantasy, right? So, there you go! And the pics are great, right? I think zeppelins will have to feature in a future short story.

This kind of commute doesn't belong in the future. Will zeppelins take us to work one day?

Ready to book your flight? Visit Airship Ventures. It's an amazing experience. The Eureka is the biggest passenger airship in the world and the pilot for our flight is the only female airship captain in the world. I asked her how she got involved in airships. She said she was still trying to work that out. Right time and place, she said. She added that she could hardly call it a job. (Way too much fun!)

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Juliette Wade said...

I think it fits. After all, Zeppelins are the stuff of steampunk, too. I'm glad you had fun!