Friday, May 29, 2009

Wake review and Sawyer and Ellison in the news

My review of Wake by Rober J. Sawyer is finally up over at Mostly Fiction.

I'm looking forward to www.Watch.

In other news, Rob's book, Calculating God won the Audio Publishers Association's Audie Award for Best SF/F Audio Book of the Year.

Check out this audio interview with Harlan Ellison. It's a hoot. You can find it at Studio 360, Public Radio International’s Peabody Award-winning, nationally syndicated weekly show about creativity, pop culture and the arts, hosted by Kurt Andersen.

Did you know that Ellison was tracked down by the Pinkerton detective agency as a youth after running away to join the circus. He also reads from one of his short stories "Jeffty is Five". He also says that his 15 minutes of fame have lasted since the 60s as though it's just a fluke.

A doco on Ellison, Dreams with Sharp Teeth, is now available on DVD.

For those interested, I've added photos to the previous post from BayCon.

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