Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Writing, Science and Science Fiction

Here's my literary news:

My story, "Your Smiling Face" has been reprinted over at Rose City Sisters. It was fun to rework it for that market. I had to have a Pasadena tie-in and three links.

My review of The Book from the Sky by Robert Kelly is up at Mostly Fiction.

I received another rejection today. I'm thinking that this piece is destined for the anthology I'm meant to write a story for before the first of September. I just have to tweak it a little for it to fit the parameters.

And for SF fans:

Here's some food for thought from a Future Brink. Solar storm activity in 2012 is expected to be major. Hmmmm...isn't that the end of the Mayan calendar? Speaking of which, I got another book in the mail: In the Courts of the Sun by Brian D'Amato. The author is an expert in all things Mayan. This is a speculative fiction novel, the first in a trilogy.

I found a new SF site with resources, convention lists, author lists, forums etc. It's very comprehensive, and built around award winning authors. Rob Sawyer shared the link to Worlds Without End on Facebook. Please do check it out.

And new from Ridley Scott...a prequel Alien movie. SciFiDimensions has the story.

Stay tuned for an interview with David Brin on Friday. The winner of the Attack of the Blob Flash Fiction Contest will be announced on Saturday, August 15, with the winning story appearing the following Tuesday, August 18.

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predator said...

Science fiction is my favorite type of movie, and book. Take Predator, for example- I loved it!