Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mid-week sf miscellaneous

This is kind of old news, but it escaped my notice at the time. The British Fantasy Society's 2010 British Fantasy Awards Winners.

And looking to the North (at least from where I'm sitting), we have the 2010 Sunburst Awards Winners.

Literary agent and champion for science fiction and fantasy Ralph M. Vicinanza died suddenly of an cerebral aneurysm on Saturday. Read more at Locus.

I'm still getting lists sent my way. Here's one for Futurama fans: 10 Futurama Inventions That Should Be Real.

Here's a list of "10 Essential Works of Transhumanist Fiction". What I want to know is why Peter F. Hamilton's Void trilogy isn't listed. My review of The Evolutionary Void, the last in the trilogy will appear soon at Mostly Fiction. For now, let me say, Wow! Encore! Give me more!

As the premiere of JIM approaches (Oct. 8 in NY and Oct. 15 in LA), here's another clip and a facebook application.


About Lorigen Gene Masher
The Lorigen Gene Masher offers a fun way to see what you would look like composited with your friends. The Lorigen Gene Masher is presented by "Jim", a new film by Jeremy Morris-Burke.

To watch the trailer and find out more about JIM visit http://www.jimthefilm.com

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