Thursday, September 16, 2010

New RPG, antho cover art and other assorted goodies

Jennifer Brozek may have helped write the RPG you're playing. The latest to release is Savage Mojo's Shanghai Vampocalypse. "If one vampire is a monster, eight million is an apocalypse."

She's also editor of the anthology, Beauty Has Her Way. My story, "Trapped Star", is included. ;) The antho hasn't release yet, but check out the cool cover art. (UPDATE!) Forgot to mention who the artist is. How dare I? It's Alina Pete, artist, writer and creator of the Webcomic Weregeek.

She also edits The Edge of Propinquity ezine, which has updated its guidelines.

In other media news, Jim premieres on Oct. 8th in NY and Oct. 15 in LA.

Jim is convinced by a vision of his deceased wife to create rather than destroy (He'd been contemplating an act of unspeakable violence.) He wants more for the child he creates with his wife's frozen eggs and the help of a biotech firm.

Jim is connected via dreams to a worker clone with reason and empathy (traits not endowed by its creator) in a super-industrialized, post-human Earth, which causes problems for the evil emperor.

Here's a preview of the movie Jim.

Meanwhile, in the present, designer babies are a reality in Thailand. Check out this clip on CNN.

If you like sophomoric humor, and zombies, vampires and ghosts, Comedy Central's Ugly Americans is starting its new season October 6 at 10:30 PM.

Personally, I prefer BBC America's Being Human.

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Gary Baker said...

Nice cover art - though it does resemble my sister preparing for a night out on Middlesbrough's Singles Scene. But only I would know that ...