Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday writing and reading links

The editor at New Myths would like you all to know the new issue is up with stories from Owen Kerr, Bob Sojka, Brandon Nolta, Lydia Ondrusek, and Jason Heller. And Sue Lange's piece about Book View Cafe is there as well.

There's an in-depth review of Neil Stephenson's The Baroque Cycle trilogy over at Speculative Fiction: The Term That Didn’t Die In The 70s.

It was interesting to compare after having read and reviewed Anathem.

My review of Peter F. Hamilton's The Temporal Void along with an interview with the author is slated for next Friday, June 19th.

Jennifer Brozek at Apex books just announced their Halloween short story contest.

My friend, Gustavo Bondoni has yet another story at Anthology Builder, the site that I completely forgot about. Now if only I could remember whom I was going to tell about it...

And what is writing without revising?
Nathan Bransford’s Revision Checklist (He’s an agent with Curtis Brown Ltd.)

My new flash story has to be completely rewritten. But then it will be amazing! I know just how to fix it. >rubs hands together, eyes gleaming<

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