Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Story in online mag, SF news and writing progress

My story, "The Visitor" is up over at Chaos Theory: Tales Askew. Also there is a story by fellow Broad Universe member, April Grey. And an article about Book View Cafe by another BU member and friend, Sue Lange.

The story is an oldie, but a goodie. Of course I would say it's good, right? Imagine that you're on a supposedly uninhabited planet and the rest of your team is out exploring. Now imagine you see a creature. Imagine you don't know if you just imagined it...

I finished editing my new SF flash fiction piece. It's getting a once over from beta readers before it goes out the door. I'm anxious to finish the other new story and start on a Lavratt story, but have been barely keeping up this week. Just realized I didn't blog yesterday. In fact I did nothing but eat and crash when I got home from work.

My local writer's club is hosting a conference in October in Santa Rosa, CA. I'll be presenting on Developing Your Online Presence.

Two of my favorite writers have big news:

Robert J. Sawyer's Flash Forward series will air in September! :)

Ben Bova's B-Four Prods. and Red Giant Media are developing a feature adaptation of The Immortality Factor which came out in April.

Reading The Book from the Sky by Robert Kelley and Valis by Philip K. Dick at the same time. What a trippy tandem!!!

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Randolph Lalonde said...

I recently met Robert J Sawyer in Sudbury, ON. A very pleasant fellow, had some great advice for fellow writers and was gracious enough to sign two of his own books as well as accept a signed copy of mine. A good experience overall and congratulating him in person on Flash Forward was a rare pleasure.

Gustavo said...

Thanks for the mention! I'd also forgotten all about Anthologyybuilder, until I realized that someone had bought one of my stories there!