Friday, June 26, 2009

Two gigs this week and more social networking mania

For those of you in or around Sonoma County, I'll be at the Comic Book Box in Rohnert Park on Saturday from noon to 4PM.

On June 27th, the Comic Book Box, 1451 Southwest Blvd #103, Rohnert Park, CA 94928, will be having a CREATURE FEATURES event! The Producer of WATCH HORROR FILMS, KEEP AMERICA STRONG, a journey into Creature Features, Tom Wyrsch, will be here to show classic interviews by Bob Wilkins and John Stanley! Ann Wilkes the author of the SF book, AWESOME LAVRATT and Alice Henderson author of VORACIOUS will also be on hand! For more information call 707-792-0100!

If you're in the East Bay, I'll be in San Ramon on Thursday.

Date: 7/2/2009
Start Time: 7:00 PM
Memorable stories begin with intriguing ideas. But where do writers get these ideas? Science fiction author Ann Wilkes will take you on an odyssey of "what ifs" to generate unique scenarios on the spot which she will help you grow into viable story lines. Bring your imagination and notebooks.

Celebrate Summer Reading with us!

Library: San Ramon Libraries - San Ramon
Contact Number: 925-973-2850
Presenter: Ann Wilkes

I really am a social networking junkie. I don't stop with MySpace, Facebook and Live Journal. So, I've had to start a list of all the social networking sites I'm on. There are 15 LinkedIn writing related groups that I'm on, six Book Blogs groups (Ning), Book Place, Book Marketing Network, Goodreads and two groups Goodreads groups. Then there are Yahoo groups. I haven't visited the sf forums in months.

And still, I refuse to Tweet. ;) But, for those who do, my friends over at Oxford University Press asked if I'd share this with my readers: Set Phasers on Tweet: A Star Trek Snowclone Blizzard on Twitter

I convinced my hubby to join Facebook last night. He just returned from a trip to Mississippi to participate in the Gathering Hearts Poverty Tour. He spoke on the labor abuses that are going on in California, what he's calling part time slavery. Now he has another way to get the word out.

On the submitting front: I have already received 2 rejections from the 9 stories I sent out this month. Sent one back out already. It's all a numbers game, like job hunting. Well, talent helps, too.

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