Saturday, June 25, 2011

News from Rowling and Gaiman

Just a quickie this time. I'm having too much fun in the finally-summer-sun. :)

Neil Gaiman's American Gods comes to HBO in 2013.

And my news is that No Man's Land is no available on Kindle. Woo hoo! Kick-butt sci-fi stories written entirely by women (including Ann Wilkes) and many of them "Broads" (Broad Universe members).

That's all! Have a great Sunday. I'm heading to the beach!


Ed said...

If you talk a lot about Harry Potter, does that make you a Potter mouth?

Ann Wilkes said...

Possibly if it's excessive. But I don't actually talk about it all. Not really a fan, but I figure many of my readers are. I was impressed with the graphics in her video and that she is offering another way for fans to connect to her work.