Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I DON'T believe in curses!

I'm not superstitious. I'm really not. Nor am I paranoid. But after this many mechanical revolts, I'm getting there. I keep thinking about Codgerspace by Alan Dean Foster. An errant cheese sandwich brings sentience to toasters and other assorted computerized devices.

Everything's computerized these days. Let's hope that Alan Dean Foster isn't a modern prophet. Last month three of our household's three cars needed repair. 2 of 3 were the radiator. Then my husband gets a ride to Colma with a friend and his friend's car breaks down. Care to guess what was wrong with it? The radiator. Let me say right here and now that if your radiator fails after reading this I'm not responsible. I can't be. Can I? (crazy thoughts colliding in my grey matter)

So, now it's November. The brand new washer we bought in October didn't last a month. The next day the internet crapped out. That, thankfully was a problem on their end which they rectified in a matter of hours. So, that's two. They say these things come in threes. You know, the "they" who believe in curses, omens and such. Last night my printer decided it was a fine evening to blow a gasket. Almost a year after the warranty period, of course.

3 per month, 2 months in a row. I'm hoping its not 3 months in a row. I love symmetry but I'd rather skip it all the same.

December should bring only good things. Not least of which is the Nativity of Our Lord.

As it happens there is one other thing that's happening for me in December. I'm looking forward to holding my first book in my hands before Christmas.

Know what I want for Christmas? I want all my readers to get out those Christmas lists and put Awesome Lavratt in the right hand column for all those SF/F fans on your list. :)

And get one for yourself as well.

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