Thursday, November 8, 2007

Template Tantrums and My New Look

I spent my blogging time fighting with the blog template. You see, the calendar at the bottom wasn't very user friendly. Especially when all you know about the meeting of the Redwood Writers' Club is "3PM Redwoo" until you click on the link. After fighting with the formatting on the Google calendar and then with the template at Blogger, I finally settled for this compromise. The calendar's a bit bigger but not centered. But at least it doesn't look pasted on as an after thought like it would crossing the background wallpaper of the old template.

On the plus side, this template looks more SF-like, right? But now, alas, I've used up all my creativity allotment for the day. You'll have to wait till tomorrow for something interesting or witty.

Besides, it's tough to top a flying cow, right? Want an update on that story with pictures?

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