Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Raining Cows?

Not much happens in Chelan, Washington. Which is why, when I wrote "Marfina," a story about hangin' with my friend when we were teens, it had to be SF. We spot something fall from the night sky and crash behind Chelan Butte. When we sneak out to investigate, things get really strange...or should I say alien?

And I thought I had a good imagination! Never would I have thought to have the missile be a cow! Mr. and Mrs. Charles Everson, Jr. never would have imagined it either...until one landed on the hood of their minivan while they were driving by the lake last Sunday. They were in nearby Manson celebrating their first wedding anniversary. That will be one anniversary they'll never forget! Read the story.

PS You can find "Marfina" in the anthology, Vintage Voices: A Toast to Life.

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