Monday, December 17, 2007

Awesome Lavratt Galleys

I received five galleys in the mail today. Now to send them out to my lovely friends who are willing to find my mistakes. There's a signed copy of the real thing in it for them. :) It's hard to find your own typos. We see what we expect to see or what we intended when we wrote it.

I just requested that my story, "Immunity Project," be pulled from Wayfarer (see previous posts). I'm putting that behind me. I found a new potential home for "Immunity Project". I'm giving it a spit and polish before I send it out. That is, between framing my husband's landscape prints for his Christmas presents, printing, addressing and signing Christmas cards, getting ready for my mother-in-law's visit and picking her up at the airport. Cross your fingers with me that it gets picked up by this market. :)

I just found a couple of magazines which I had saved to do an article later. "Later" never came. These major magazines have big shiny full-page ads on the backs which originated in a foreign country. They both made no sense. For all the money they spend on these ads, you'd think that email the copy to someone in the States to proofread. It definitely got lost in translation. Is proofreading a lost art? Are those of us who care whether something is riddled with typos or obvious errors a dying breed?

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