Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Greetings from Napa

Hubby and I are spending a few days in a timeshare in Napa. It's been great. Today's a bit on the gloomy side, but I won't be bothered by that while I'm having my massage in the "cave". I think I'll taste some wines in the wine cellar before I go to the spa. Hubby, unfortunately, had to go into work today. We'll meet up later for dinner.

Meantime, I finished the Paul Park book, A Princess of Roumania. I enjoyed it. I do have a beef, though. Not enough of the loose ends were tied up in the end for my taste. I know that there's a book that comes after it, The Tourmaline, but I would have liked more closure with this one first. But, alas, he didn't ask me. ;)

I also brought the galley with me. I think I'll work on that a bit this afternoon. Either that, or get in some Christmas shopping. Of course, both of these ideas sound too much like work to me. Maybe I'll drag out one of my short story rough drafts instead. Or write a new one.

I also read some good stories in Asimov's. I especially enjoyed "Strangers on a Bus" by Jack Skillingstead. It's his 13th story for Asimov. He must be doing something right. It's in the December 2007 issue. In the January issue, there's a good article by James Patrick Kelly about SFWA. The stories by Mike Resnick and Deborah Coates were worth a look, too. I'm trying to catch up on my reading. I decided to read one story per day in addition to reading novels. More grist for the mill.

The sun's starting to peek through the clouds. Perhaps I'll take a walk in the vineyard this afternoon. :)

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