Friday, December 7, 2007

Going Green and Awesome Lavratt

This year my husband and I are doing something different. We toyed with the idea of drawing names for Christmas since the family is increasing all the time. That didn't go over very well. And I LIKE finding something thoughtful for each of my five kids and their wives/girlfriends/boyfriend. It just adds up really fast. And it's very hard to go backwards on spending from the year before. It seems we end up spending more every year. I don't want it to be ABOUT the gifts this year, but don't want to appear cheap, either.

Unlike most of my gender, I HATE shopping. Most of my thoughtful purchases are done online. I was sick of the barrage of Christmas shopping ads before Thanksgiving.

So, our solution? We go green. We're making some of our gifts this year. My husband is not a bad photographer. He has a number of great shots that we're framing to send to family and friends. I just heard on the radio that we are also doing our part by using a digital rather than a 35 m camera. Some or all of the solutions used in processing the rolls are toxic. Yeah, us. I just like not having to deal with the hassle of getting the rolls developed and love the erasability factor of digital. I'm NOT a good photographer.

I'm trying to crochet some stuff. Dismal failure so far. I write. I don't do crafts. I might be able to whip out a scarf or two, but will anyone wear them when they can buy nicer ones in the store?

Maybe I'll make bourbon balls. Beats fruitcake, right? I also make a mean Irish Cream. I did give some to friends last year. Last year I gave all the kids a tastefully bound family tree I worked on for two months. Several of the kids call me asking for recipes. Maybe a recipe book? I can type better than I can crochet.

We purchased LED lights for the tree, the picture window and the outside of the house. They'll pay for themselves in reduced energy costs eventually, right?

Would have been nice to have my book in print before Christmas. Oh, well. That isn't happening. It's a case of hurry up, wait. The private release of Awesome Lavratt may not happen until February or March now. :(

Meantime, with two great critique groups, I'm zipping through the rewrites of Under the Suns of Sarshan. I'm trying to get as much done as possible before my mother-in-law arrives for the holidays from Texas.

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