Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Dog Bite continued

Well, I'm now on my second course of antibiotics after my thumb (the injured member) swelled up and throbbed last night. I don't think I care to admit how I managed to have our own dog bite me. Do I have to? I meant well, but was very stupid. His lovely little tooth went pretty deep into my thumb.

Then, how do you avoid your right thumb when you're right handed and have a house full of guests and cards to send out and baking and, and....

It was doing great till I overdid. My tetanus shot arm is nearly back to normal, too. Well, wasn't that a lot of TMI? And I promised not to blog about my pets. Not much happening with the writing since it hurts to do so at the moment. I will be sending out the ill-fated "Immunity Project" today. I managed to give it a once over one-handed late last week.

Finally, a very Merry SECOND DAY of Christmas to one and all. My First Day was glorious, in spite of the throbbing thumb at the end of it.

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