Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Wayfarer Saga Continues & Terry Pratchett

Well, I guess there is justice in the world. The magazine's website is suspended. I ratted them out to Speculations' Rumor Mill, Absolute Write and Ralan. I don't know who's responsible, but at least they won't be extolled as this great magazine on the Christian SF/F blog tour and trapping more unsuspecting writers. Could be another (yes there's probably more than 2 of us) stiffed writer who reported her to her webhost. Ralan suggests this is one thing writers who are victims of piracy or non-payment can do in response. The hosts don't want to be in the soup along with the editors. Or maybe she stiffed the host, too.

I just read about Terry Pratchett on Neil Gaiman's blog. Pratchett has early onset Alzheimers. Let's all hope that its progression is slow. Better yet, that they find a cure. He has a platform (his mighty pen that we count on for our next fantasy fix) to draw attention to the disease and to finding a cure.

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