Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Story!

What's better than sleeping in on a Saturday morning? Waking up with a complete story in your head. At least it is if you're a writer. I think I dreamed the first part. The rest followed easily. I had to get up and get it on paper --or at least on the computer-- before I forgot it. It feels great to work on new material again. Rewriting can be such a chore, sometimes.

Shall I tell you what it's about? Actually, it's not even SF--or even speculative. It's an interesting twist on a mafia-like family from the perspective of a teenage boy growing up in it. Well, that's the setting, anyhow. I can't say more or it will give too much away. I wrote out the general plot, the characters and the first couple of pages. I think this one will write itself.

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